Hey, I’m
Deepa Ojha.

I’m here to help you create
websites and brand identity that
wholly reflect your brand’s uniqueness.


I write and compile videos to share
my creative experiences, helpful
tips and special offers.

Custom Mugs

I design custom mugs to bring joy to people’s lives.


I’m a web designer based in Edmonton with 7 years experience in the creative field.


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Case Studies
Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation
Iomer Internet Solutions
Jazzed by Jasi Logo Design
Alberta Blue Cross Portfolio
Metric Fitness Portfolio Image
Ishpa Shah Web Web Design Portfolio image

“Make it simple, but significant.” 

- Don Draper

Website Creation

Web design and development with a step by step approach.

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Logo design, style guide, advertising design and more.

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Custom mugs

Your loved ones deserve something special.

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“Deepa has a really good eye for design as well as building an intuitive user experience. She brings a lot of color and creativity to the table which she is able to effectively harmonize together in her compositions. Deepa is a very hard worker and the knowledge she has gained this far in her career can be attributed to her strong passion for her craft. During the redesign of the Alberta Blue Cross website in, Deepa was one of my “go to” web developers.”

Team Lead @Jason Hogan

“Deepa is a talented designer who created a website and logo for my business. She asked questions, provided mock ups and took feedback to ensure I was happy with the design. She surpassed my expectations and she was always available to answer questions. Outstanding customer service!”

Deepa’s customer service is unmatched! She helped me with my website redesign and development. She took in what I needed and made it much better! She is very responsive and works with you to meet your needs. Highly recommend working with her!

Founder and Strength and Conditioning Coach @Suraj Gurung

“Deepa is really professional and works really hard. I wanted a logo for my hair page.She delivered exactly what I was looking for! She sent me a survey with questions figuring out what I was looking for, and sent me updates of the logo throughout the process and made sure I was happy with it. I would highly recommend DO Original for your work, she will not disappoint you.”

Hair Stylist / Barber @Jasi Kalsi

“I approached Deepa for website design for my blog. From colors, fonts, logo design, to website template, she helped me create my dream vision of my website into reality. Even with the time zone differences, she was very flexible with timing, and responded quickly. It was really great to work with Deepa and I hope to deal again with her soon.”

Health and Wellness coach @Pragyee Dixit

“DO Originals has great communication with you during the entire process. Deepa works with you and takes all your wants and needs into the design. She is professional, considerate and provides you with high quality work. I now have a Logo for my brand that I’m absolutely in love with!! I will continue to use DO Originals!”

“I took lessons with Deepa regarding design, art, and colour. She has a profound understanding in anything related to design and she is very passionate. It was very interesting being able to learn so much from her.”

“I contacted Deepa when I was getting married to make a logo for the wedding invitation cards. She was great to communicate, and very professional. She was thorough with her designs and made sure she put all of our favorite colours. She was easy to deal with. Way to go Deepa! “

“Deepa is super creative and artsy. She pays attention to fine detail when she has to work on projects for clients. She designed my bridal shower invitation cards and I didn’t give her much detail. I simply said I wanted it to be Great Gatsby themed. She put together lovely signs for the different drink and food stations. I’d highly recommend Deepa to help with your bridal shower or baby shower needs! “