Figuring out website’s purpose

Deepa Ojha

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Ready for DO Chitchat? This week I wrote about designing a website and how to figure out website’s main purpose.

So for many of you designing a website can be a challenge. So I’m here to help!

Over the next 5 weeks, I’ll be sharing tips with you to make web design so much easier. Make sure you follow along to catch them all. 

Here are the topics I will be talking about when it comes to designing a website for a client or yourself.

  • Figure out website’s main purpose
  • Understanding your target audiences
  • Research what the competitors are doing. What is working for them what is not working for them?
  • What kind of design should you create?
  • Create your brand identity
  • Programs you can use to create wireframes and mockups
  • Create wireframes for the website
  • Create mockups for the website
  • Different platforms to create your website.

Let’s jump straight in with tip #1.

First we have to figure out the website’s purpose. 

What is the main goal of the website? There are different goals for different websites for example showcasing your work or maybe providing information to your viewers. Sometimes our clients are not able to tell us what their website’s main goal is. Here are some questions I ask my client to figure out their website’s purpose.

  • What does your business do? For example, understanding who you are, what you do, how long you have been around, etc.
  • What makes your company unique? I always ask this question because it helps me bring out something unique on the website that their competitors wouldn’t have.
  •  What problems does your business solve? When someone looks at your website they want to know how you can help them so it is always important to highlight the solutions you provide.
  • What do you want your website to accomplish? Is it to get more leads, build an email list, increase brand awareness, encourage sales, social media interaction, etc?

These are the top four questions I ask when I’m trying to get to know a company and it has always helped!

What steps do you take when you are trying to get to know your clients? What questions do you ask? Comment below.


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