If I could go back in time

Deepa Ojha

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Ready for DO Chitchat? This week I wrote about how I registered my business.

Ever wish you could go back in time and tell yourself something you know? Same!

If I Deepa Ojha could go back in time, I’d tell my former self to register my business and get my business license ahead of time. Well… I don’t have a lot of regrets but sometimes I wish I did things sooner to achieve my goals. I was really scared of getting out there and registering my business. A lot of people had also added to my mind that it is hard to be successful with your own business and it’s better to have a proper office job. After some time of working at an office I realized it wasn’t the right fit for me so DO Originals began! But right after a month of starting my business COVID started! That is when it hit me that I should have taken steps of starting my business at an early stage.

I was feeling safe at my job, my team was great but I was unhappy that I wasn’t doing something I love! I wanted more excitement. I wanted to help different businesses and collaborate with different people. 

I thought registering my business and getting a home-based business would be complicated so I always pushed it aside but it was super simple! 

Here are the steps I took in registering my business in Edmonton, Alberta

  • NUANS report to decide on my business name. With NUANS report I was able to see if my business name was available for use and not used by other businesses’ trademark or name.
  • I decided on my business structure which was Sole Proprietorship or Trade Name. 
  • I registered my business name at AMA.
  • Once my business was registered I received my CRA business number as well.
  • I got my minor home-based business permit.
  • Thats it! 

So are you thinking of starting a business and have been thinking for a while now? Don’t wait and begin now!


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