Branding, Front-End Development, Photography, Web Design

Alberta Blue Cross

Alberta Blue Cross

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Branding, Front-End Development, Photography, Web Design



Alberta Blue Cross (ABC) is an independent not-for-profit insurance company providing health and wellness plans to 1.7 millions albertans. They provide plans for individuals, families, seniors, group and travel.


Their brand values are integrity and trust, wellness and flexibility, customer committed and empowerment potential.



At ABC I worked and collaborated with my colleagues to create websites, and company’s app. My task was to create mockups with excellent UX/UI Design for the public website, the member site and the app. I was part of creating the style guide, designing and coding browser error messages, providing statistics using google analytics and web trends.


My other requirements were producing HTML or Lyris email templates, fixing problems that occur in the internal and public website, portrait photography and event photography.


A lot of brainstorming was involved to figure out the flow of the pages, the usability of the app/websites and online dynamic forms that show results.

Languages and Software.


The main coding languages and design software I used were HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Oracle, Bootstrap, Foundation, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Lyris.

Wireframes and Mockups.


Wireframes and mockups were used for visual design. With the help of wireframes and mockups we were able to figure out website/app hierarchy, finalize colour palettes, typography, imagery and the feel created by the website via its appearance.



Alberta Blue Cross website and app are used by thousands of people every month. One of the tools I built on the website is called ‘Help me choose a plan’. Click on the button for the tool to pop open. With this tool customers are able to find a plan that is suitable for them without having to spend a lot of time on the website. It’s quick and easy.


View Help Me Choose A Plan.


Visit Alberta Blue Cross.

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