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Ishpa Shah

Ishpa Shah

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Branding, Photography, Web Design



Ishpa Shah is a lifestyle blog by Rifat Ishpa Shah for anyone in search of timeless fashion and beauty. Rifat also sells beautiful jewelry which is made of semi-precious stones originating from Southeast Asia, South America and Australia.



Rifat wanted a blog with high contrast by a using black and white background to make her photos pop.  She also wanted to showcase her jewelry on the website.


Other tasks: Portrait photoshoot and jewelry documentation

Brand Colours.


This colour palette was created to show high fashion, sophistication, simplicity and give the website a modern feel.


Colours also represent Rifat’s personality and her fashion preferences. Black, white and red represents Rifat’s aesthetics and she wants to convey that to her audiences.

Brand Typography.


Poppins, Prata and Lora were used on this website. Usually I don’t use more than two font families on one website but we chose an extra special font which is Prata to make highlighted posts pop out.


For other pages and blog posts the main font we used is Lora. It’s a modern, simple, legible serif font. The x-height is bigger than other serif fonts and it is very easy to read.


Poppins was used to create contrast so the viewers are able to easily differentiate the category, headings and body paragraph.



We collaborated and had a lot of one on one meetings before and after creating wireframes to figure out the layout of the page, page flow, page hierarchies, to figure out what other content was required and what was not important on the website.

Website Photography.



This blog is a start of her new venture and it pushes her creative side to help out people by sharing lifestyle, fashion, beauty and travel tips. We also created jewelry catalog which links to her Etsy account.


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