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Branding, Web Design



Metric Fitness provides a variety of fitness services and training styles. They help their clients by providing high quality services so their clients are able to reach their fitness goals with in-person or online personal training. Metric Fitness prioritizes customers and provides extra support when needed.



Suraj Gurung, owner of Metric Fitness approached me to redesign his previous website. He wanted me to create a clean and modern website and increase brand awareness.

Style Guide.


We started this project by creating a brand guideline to help him increase his brand awareness. He provided me with his logo which helped me choose Metric Fitness’ brand’s colour palette and typography.

Website Content and SEO.


We explored many different colour options but bright green was chosen to bring out vibrance and youthfulness.

Website Colours.


I created a colour palette that represents strength and confidence. Red brings out energy and excitement for people who want to make health and fitness changes in their life. Black is a colour to make a clean, clear, bold design and it also represents strength.


The colour palette consists of neutral colours with a pop of red and blue as a secondary colour.

Website Imagery.


Metric Fitness photos were selected specifically with their target audience in mind.


Photos should have black hue and high contrast for continuous feeling of strength and confidence.

Website Typography.


Montserrat stands out for short pieces with all caps and the geometric simplicity of the letters makes the font easy to read. In lowercase, Montserrat is still a clean font with a nice large x-height. Even though its simple it still has personality and creates feeling of trust.


Montserrat comes with 18 different font weights. With the help of different font styles we are able to arrange information in a hierarchy. By using different font types and sizes we are able to differentiate the texts that are most important.


The three font weights we have used on the website are bold, semibold and regular. However in different projects such as advertisements and prints we have options to use other font styles.



Mockups were created to show new UI design.



With the new redesign, his company looks like a professional business. Suraj uses the website when he markets his business and when clients give him referrals.

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