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The Happy Fit

The Happy Fit

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Branding, Web Design



The Happy Fit is a fitness blog by Pragyee Dixit. She is passionate about fitness and her goal is to help people find the right balance and joy in fitness and food.


The website gives information about wellness tips to motivate you, workouts for upper body, lower body and HIIT. She also provides tasty healthy recipes.



Pragyee approached me to create a blog. We figured out the colour palette, typography, and the logo design. She required a website that gave a happy and a positive feeling.

Style Guide.

Brand Colours.


The colours of The Happy Fit represent the feeling of relaxation, confidence and friendliness. The main primary colour is peach because it brings out positivity, warmth and optimism.

Brand typography.


Open Sans is one of the best fonts for body texts. The Happy Fit website consists of a blog with long text where it works really well.


Lobster Two is used for headings which gives a friendly, feminine look.

Company’s logo.


The Happy Fit’s main logo comprises of three elements: the logo symbol, the logo type and the background. The logo consist of two colours: peach and black. Peach is to bring out comfort and joy while black represents strength and a new beginning.

Logo Mark.


The logo symbol of a girl jumping represents happiness. This logo is very personal to Pragyee since it is a silhouette of herself jumping. This symbol represents self-acceptance and having a healthy mind, fit body and happy life.


The main logo has a peach circle as well behind the figure to add life and the circle also represents setting a goal for yourself.

Logo Type.


The cursive logo type is chosen to represent friendliness and to give a happy vibe. The typeface is Lobster Two with characteristics of a tall and fit body to compliment our logo symbol.

Wireframes and Mockups.


Wireframes were created to figure out what pages were needed and for the page hierarchies. After the completion of wireframes, we created mock-ups to show the look and feel of the website.



With the help of The Happy Fit, Pragyee is able to reach out to her audiences to motivate them to live a healthy and happy life.


Visit The Happy Fit.

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