Why I love minimalist web design

Deepa Ojha

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Ready for DO Chitchat? This week I wrote about minimalist web design.

Here it is…

The main reason to choose minimalist web design is to focus and communicate well with your audience about your brand’s main goal without any distractions. There are so many websites on the internet and when someone is viewing your website they usually skim your site and don’t read everything so it is very important to highlight the fundamental message of your business.

Three main reasons why I love Minimal Web Design is because

  • Readability and easy navigation. A minimalistic website improves website’s readability which helps visitor’s understand your website quickly. Since there are large images and whitespace your viewers will easily find/read texts and links. 
  • Whitespace. Using whitespace on the website creates balance and there is a room to breathe. When you minimize colours and other design elements it gives the website a cleaner look.
  • Long term design. Minimalistic design is great for long term investment because pages are simple. The website will always look fresh because we use the concept of imagery, font and brand voice to communicate instead of using transient design trends. There might be a few changes such as updating photos and texts but little changes without losing any familiarity of the website for the viewers.

What is your #1 question when it comes to web design? I’d love to share my knowledge with you so ask away below!


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